Redeeming Thon Tickets

20150215_105522 copyHad a Ticket, but missed the ‘Thon due to the Weather?

(Fri. 2/20 @ 3:00 pm) Fear not. We’re offering a “make good”, or a partial one at least. Send your unused Thon ticket to the office and we’ll give you 50% off on a Sf41 Thon ticket. Here’s the fine print. The ticket needs to be mailed to:

c/o Zeotrope Media
106 Jeremy Hill Rd
Pelham NH 03076

Please make checks payable to Zeotrope Media. Thank you.

For each SF40 Thon ticket received, you can purchase one Sf41 Thon ticket for $25.00 or 50% off. Everything will be mailed back to you. Offer expires March 17, 2015