This page is dedicated to processing SHORT FILMS only that were accepted to
the 42nd Boston Science Fiction Film Festival

This page is dedicated to making sure Short Film filmmakers and our technical team have smooth, proficient communication. There is a lot of information designed to get your film to us and for us to present it as it should be – in the best possible way. Please be mindful that we have over 100 films coming in. Your help in making this a smooth process cannot be over stated. When it comes to technical issues, please contact Hal Wagner. For all other concerns, such as when your short film will be playing, please contact Miriam Olken, Filmmaker Liaison.

42nd Boston Science Fiction Film Festival Filmmakers Tech Sheet

Dear Filmmaker:
Hello, I am Boston SciFi’s Technical Director, Hal Wagner. If you have any questions regarding the technical aspects or delivery of your film, please contact me at:

IMPORTANT:  We do not accept Short Films in a DCP format.  Only features are accepted in DCP format and should be delivered directly to the Somerville Theatre on a hard drive. Please see our Filmmakers Page for details and the theatre’s address.

Prior to sending your entry, please preview and check your film from start to finish.
Please make sure that:
–  All the video frames are included (look for frame motion jitter)
–  There is no 2 pop, no color bars, etc. on the head or tail
–  There is a black fade in, and the end fades to black
–  Audio and dialogue are synced to picture
–  Titles and credits are on the screen long enough to be read, and the font size is appropriate

With so many short films coming in, it is essential for everyone to be accurate. This will ensure your film is screened in an optimal way.

To assist us in processing your short film, please completely fill in the requested information below. We suggest you copy and paste this into an email, and fill it out there. In all email correspondence, please have the subject line read:    SF42  /  “Name of your film”  /  Your Name

Your Name:
Full Name Of Film:
Film Length:
Audio Format:    (WAV)
Audio Sample Rate:   (48KHZ)
Audio Sample Size:    (24Bits)
Video Data Rate:
Video Total Bitrate:
Audio Bitrate:
Video Compression:   (H.264 etc )
Resolution:    HD  1920X1080
PLEASE NOTE:  Frame rate must be NTSC 23.98fps, 24fps, progressive. Please contact Hal with any questions on frame rate.

Please forward the above information to me ALONG with your film. Please include any additional pertinent technical notes about your film. It’s best for this information to be sent in a timely manner. Delays could be problematic.

If you are sending your film by Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google, please include the film specs listed above. Again, please note that we do not accept Short Films in DCP format.

IF USING SNAIL MAIL – Films must be received by Wednesday, February 1, 2017
If you are sending your film by mail, please include all the above information on a cover sheet along with your film. Mark your thumb drive, disc, etc. with your name, telephone number, email, name of your film, and SF42. Please send me an email when you have sent your film.

Inevitably, there will be issues to resolve. We will need enough time to make sure your film gets shown in the best manner! Attention and timeliness will help the entire process go smoothly. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.


Hal Wagner
Indigo Sound
352 Newton Street
Waltham MA 02453