Lots of wonderful people help make Boston SciFi happen — volunteers, the Somerville Theatre staff, and many more. Here are a few of the hard-working folks that dedicate their time year-round.

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Garen DalyGaren Daly:  Curator, Festival Director & Supreme Leader
Garen Daly has been in the Boston/New England film scene for far too many years. His career started as a cinema manager which morphed into an operator for several of Boston’s better known art houses. His entertainment roots stretching back over 100 years to his Vaudevillian opera singing grandparents. His critical and analytical side has seen him analyze films on TV, espouse commentary on NPR stations, NE Cable News and occasionally writes for such publications as Yankee Magazine. His commentary on Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Dennis Hopper is in rotation on ReelzTV.

Garen currently sits on the Filmmaker’s Collaborative board of directors. Previously, he was on the boards of the Somerville Cultural Council, Boston Film & Video Foundation, Dedham Visionary Access and Somerville Community TV.  He has international stature, sort of, as a Board Chair for (in)famous Museum of Bad Art (MOBA). He is an award winning programmer/consultant who continues to produce the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival & Marathon, the oldest genre festival in the country who his spare time he sleeps, cooks, gardens and collects ex-wives. His new dog makes him laugh, a lot.




Sci Fi SQ LogoAshley “Ash” Havey:  Co-Programmer
New to the team this year, Ash brings a wealth of experience from the Tribeca Film Festival. She is a seasoned professional in sponsorship sales strategy, activation, product development, and event production who got her B.A at Bryn Mawr and mastered at New York University. Oh yeah, she speaks Mandarin.




Bonnie Kim Godas:  Marketing Research AssistantBonnie Godas
Bonnie has had a lifelong love affair with the visual arts. She’s a photographer who has shot underground bands in long-forgotten dives around Boston, acts like Robert Plant and Tony Bennett, the Boston Celtics at courtside, South Africa’s wine lands, the majesty of the Andes, and the waterways of Venice. Regarding her Festival work, Bonnie quotes HAL from her favorite sci-fi feature,
2001: A Space Odyssey: “I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.”




Sci Fi SQ LogoBrian Yelverton:  Social Media Director
Brian is a lifetime movie fan, especially of science fiction and fantasy genres, and attended the very first 24-hour SciFi Marathon over 40 years ago. He’s still a loyal ‘Thon attendee to this day.






Chris Maloney Christopher Maloney:  Events Manager
Christopher Alan Maloney is an independent filmmaker whose work has been featured on the Discovery Channel and PBS. He is a member of the Massachusetts Cultural Council and author of the Film and Other Shit blog. He teaches film classes in the Greater Boston area, and is currently in pre-production for a feature film based on the award-winning short, Dogwood. As a kid, he memorized the entire script of 1991’s Hook and used it to try and impress girls in his class. He was largely unsuccessful. You can find him on Twitter @maloneysmovies.



Chris Phoenix – President, Phoenix Media Group:  Marketing & Branding
Considered the ‘godfather of digital media,’ Chris helped Maxim evolve from print to video domination, breaking the barriers of how branded content was imagined, produced and distributed. His rich canon of practices and singular insights drove him toward a new model for the future. His company continues to break through working with The Hollywood Reporter, American Express, ABC, CBS, Vevo and more.





Frank Urbano Frank & Fran Urbano:  Prize Masters & Decorators
The movies have been a lifelong hobby and passion for Frank, who attended his first SciFi Festival in 1978 and has not missed a year since. He met his wife, Fran, at the Fest almost 40 years ago, and they both attend the event together. As the former owner and operator of a collectibles business, Frank is able to supply the fest with very cool SciFi prizes and swag from his vast collection. He believes this is the best way to give back to an event that has meant so much to him over the years.




Sci Fi SQ LogoHal Wagner:  Technical Director
Hal’s vast experience includes audio/video/film design setup and operation in the greater Boston area and nationwide: major independent theaters, concert venues, various Hollywood motion picture sets, and with WGBH TV. His expertise includes all aspects of design, installation, and operation for 16 and 35 mm film equipment. With over three decades of industry business behind him, Hal currently provides sound design, audio restoration, and DCP cinema package services through his Waltham-based company, Indigo Sound.





Harry Lohr Harry O. Lohr, Jr.:  Communications, Programs and Photography
A former member of the Boston Film Video Foundation Board of Directors, Harry is a long-time volunteer assistant producer of the Boston SciFi Film Festival and Marathon. He serves in various communica­tions roles, shoots and maintains the photographic archive, and with his wife and fellow volunteer Judy Karp, edits and produces the hard copy Festival programs. He has worked as a freelance writer and documentarian and is an avid traveler who has toured all 50 states and more than 25 countries on five continents. Harry enjoys leading historical walking tours and automobile diner rallies.




Miriam OlkenMiriam Olken:  Filmmaker Liaison, Festival Judge
Miriam is a huge Star Wars fan and lover of all things SciFi and is honored to be a part of The Boston SciFi Jury Team for the first time this year.  She writes movie reviews and pop culture articles for Shaded Areas, loves going to see Hollywood and Indie films with friends, and thinks that Boston is an amazing place to be for film currently.  After producing her first short film last summer titled The Music of Erich Zann and working on future exciting projects, she is hoping for a good year for film and all things SciFi in 2017.




Phil Healy:  Venue Tech Director, Festival JudgePhil Healy
Phil Healy is a Boston based filmmaker, comedian, and all around no-do-gooder. He’s worked in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles on various projects for MTV Networks, Paramount, Sony, and Comedy Central. His feature length documentary My Name Is Jonah and shorts Vampire!, Accidental Love, and Shook have and are currently touring the festival circuit. Phil co-presents Boston Open Screen at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, a monthly open mic for filmmakers, and is also a Technical Director for the Boston Underground Film Festival. By day he works in Public Access Television teaching community members about video production.




Suzz Cromwell

Suzzanne Cromwell:  Co-Curator, Shorts Programmer
Suzzanne’s cinephilia was cultivated at her birthplace, Dover Air Force Base (Delaware) where she spent her infancy in the projection booth of the base cinema with her movie-loving mom and projectionist dad. She’s a co-founder of the grassroots organization the Lowell Film Collaborative (LFC) which partners with non-profits, businesses, and cultural groups to present customized film events. Through the LFC, Suzz has curated four area film festivals and has presented over 300 films in the Merrimack Valley, including an annual Eco Film Series now entering its fifth year.






Adam LovettAdam Lovett  
Adam Lovett is an Australian born Screenwriter/Producer/Film Journalist who contracted the cinephilic virus at a young age after his DNA was reshuffled experiencing Star Wars in 1977.  He’s written for publications like Empire Magazine, FilmInk, and local newspapers, before taking to screenwriting. Films Adam has brought to fruition include Morning Theft, Beat Street To Oblivion, and My Name Is Jonah. He’s currently producer and editorial advisor for a new feature length documentary, Underground Inc., and is toiling away on a science fiction script.




Dawn GrenierDawn Grenier 
Dawn celebrated her fourth birthday by watching E.T. in an Ohio movie theater. She’s been a fan of films ever since. She lives in Lowell, MA, and is a non-profit fundraiser by day at the City’s renowned youth-support organization, UTEC. As a first-time member of the Festival Jury Team for the 42nd Boston SciFi, she was dazzled by the range of shorts from filmmakers across the globe. She did not eat Reese’s Pieces during every screening.




Jon CaronJon Caron 
With over a decade of professional experience in graphic design, photography, illustration, animation, and feature film, Jon Caron is a renowned graphic artist priding himself on his artistically diverse capabilities and expertise. His documentary film, My Name is Jonah, won several awards including the Best New England Film by the Boston Underground Film Festival and has since screened all over the world. Jon hails from the East Coast and is writing and illustrating his own original SciFi/fantasy comic book series called Progenator. Learn more about Jon at www.joncaronart.com.




Kyle TorresKyle Torres
Kyle Torres is a graduate of Framingham State University’s Communication Arts Department with a concentration in Integrated Visual Media. His favorite director is Kubrick and 2001: A Space Odyssey holds the title of Torres’ favorite sci-fi film. Kyle’s filmmaking and viewing interests include experimentation with storytelling and developing simple concepts into masterpieces, and theater, photography, and comedy are other artistic interests. Kyle is currently a Logo Artist for the Deluxe Corporation.




Mark SherwoodMark Sherwood
Mark has attended “The ‘Thon” every year since SF14 with 15-20 friends and family. He spent a year in high school managing and projecting at Boston’s old Pi Alley, Beacon Hill, and Paris theaters and relishes his earliest Boston movie memories: seeing Bambi at the Savoy, Star Wars at the Charles, and the original Superman at the 57.  Today, Mark devotes his work life to the Boston Museum of Science, where he’s been on staff for 31-derful years.